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Delivery and Charges


We strive to ensure the best customer service for all your orders! Delivery charges may vary depending on weight, location, package size and time slot requested. Please use the delivery calculator once items are in the basket. For your comfort, the delivery price will be visible during checkout too, or you can check out the list below:

Super Saver Deliverywithin 7 working days (Courier)£4.50
Standard Deliverywithin 1-3 days (Courier)£6.00
Next Working Day Delivery(Courier)£7.00
AM DeliveryBy 10 AM (Courier)£15.00
Saturday Delivery(Courier)£25.00
Long Items1-14 days Options Available£16.00*
Heavy Goods1-14 Days Options Available£40.00*
Royal Mail3-5 Working Days£4.00


It is one of our priorities to ensure that the items and goods you order from our website do arrive at you safely and free of damages. This is why recommend you to always choose the best delivery option available and make sure you are home for your delivery. You will be informed beforehand about the exact day of delivery.

Super Saver Delivery14 Working Days£25.00
Standard7 Working Days£50.00
Next Working DayNext Day Delivery£65.00
SaturdaySaturday Delivery£90.00

* Please note that you should place your order by 1:00 PM, otherwise your order may not be processed on time. All orders placed after 1:00 PM are normally processed on the next business day.

Before you place an order, make sure to familiarize yourself with all delivery costs and conditions. Information about delivery costs, charges, and conditions is available on the website. Alternatively, you can contact our friendly customer service team at 020 88309787 and a member of the team will gladly assist you and answer your questions and inquiries.


Standard delivery days include Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.
Standard delivery times include 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Next Day Delivery is available, but it is a subject of stock availability.

Please, take into account that all delivery days and times given by us are provisional. The company cannot be held liable for any additional costs and charges the customer has to pay, which are a result of a delay of delivered orders.


Make sure to inform our customer service team immediately in case you receive damaged or missing goods or opened goods in your order. Call a member of the team at 020 88309788. Before you sign the Delivery Note, make sure to describe the damaged item/s.

Make sure to report damaged, missing, or opened items and packages before the driver leaves and fill in the Delivery Note, otherwise, you will not be able to claim a refund or replacement. Always check out the delivery package before the driver leaves.


We are currently unable to accept and process orders with a billing and delivery address outside the United Kingdom. Excuse us for any inconvenience.

Delivery Questions:

Q: What delivery companies you work in a partnership with?
A: For our deliveries, we prefer working with PW Gates and Parcel Force.
Q: How can I get the exact delivery time for my order?
A: Since the delivery companies we work with do not provide us with the exact time for the delivery of goods, we are unable to provide you with exact time of your delivery too. We apologize for any inconvenience. However, if your delivery is carried out by Parcel Force, you will receive a tracking number on the e-mail address you have given us, so you can follow the progress of your order. In case your delivery is carried out by PW Gates, we can request a one-hour call in advance prior to delivery.
Q: Will the driver leave my order inside the property?
A: Unfortunately, deliveries are possible only to your door. It is your responsibility to make sure there is someone to help you take the goods to inside the property or ensure a way of proper storage.
Q: Can the driver leave my delivery in my yard, garage, porch, etc.?
A: If you wish your order to be left anywhere different than the door of the property, this can be done for you, but remember that you have all the responsibility for the goods and you take responsibility for the risk of having the goods damaged or stolen.
Q: What to do if the delivery company has damaged my order?
A: Always make sure to inspect your order and all goods inside the package upon delivery. Make sure to do that before the driver has left. If you notice damaged goods, ask the driver immediately and they will create a protocol for the damage. Then take a few pictures of the damage and make sure to send them to us as soon as possible to this e-mail:***. Don’t forget to also explain the damage in your e-mail message to us. From then on, our customer service team will do their best assisting you in resolving the problem.
Q: What to do if my delivery takes too long to come?
A: Unfortunately, there are some cases when the delivery companies we work with taking longer than promised to deliver your order to you. After we process your order and release it to them, it is their responsibility to handle it and ensure safe delivery. In case you have ordered flooring, make sure to contact us at 020 88309787 so we can contact the delivery company and assist in resolving the delay. In case you are a supplier, please make sure to use the ID number you are provided within the confirmation e-mail you have received for tracking your order and its progress.
Q: I changed my mind, how can I cancel my order?
A: If you want to cancel your order, just make sure to call us on 020 88309787 or leave us an e-mail message at We will be able to cancel your order once you contact us. However, keep in mind that if your order is already dispatched, you will have to pay all delivery charges.