Bona – The Floor Finish Innovator

Bona LogoReal wood floors are a real treasure everyone enjoys and they can be the statement piece of every room of the house. Hardwood floors add a lot of character and elegance to every space of the house or the commercial premise. No matter if you want the sophisticated and glossy look for your shop or office, or you are going for a more rustic and cosy feel in the kitchen, Bona has a line of wood floor products that can achieve the exact appearance you are going for. As an international leader in the industry, Bona is a reputable and reliable company that designs a wide range of high-quality wood floor finishing products that can meet everyone’s needs and requirements.

Each and every product designed by Bona is a subject of innovation, high-quality, modern design, and great performance. A tailored solution to meet your interior design needs and desires is what you can always find in Bona’s impressive portfolio of floor finishing products. Make sure to choose from a wide range of finishes and sealants, designed to create a hard-wearing and long-lasting protective barrier for the floor depending on the traffic expected – from Bona Mega wood floor lacquer, through Bona Traffic wood floor lacquer, to Bona Novia wood floor lacquer, and so much more!

Functionality and Design

When it comes to wood floor finishing products, they are beneficial for your floor not only because they improve its appearance and bring it back to its initial days of beauty and glory. Wood floor finishes’ main purpose is the functionality and durability they add to the surface. By creating a protective barrier between bare wood and the floor’s environment, the finish will preserve the natural colour and texture of wood, prevent it from struggling with major issues, ensure a lot more strength, durability, solidness, and comfort. When choosing the right finish for your floor, there are many aspects you want to keep in mind – how matt or shiny you want it to be, how durable and hard-wearing, the colour, friction and anti-slip properties, how much you can maintain it, etc.

Everyone has different requirements, needs, and desires, also every floor can have different specifics, this is why choosing the right finish is a subject of thorough research beforehand. When developing innovative and high-quality wood floor finishes, Bona focuses on design and functionality, which ensures the high standard of performance of all products by the brand. Bona’s innovations go as far as introducing waterborne finishes and completely NMP-free products on the market for the first time. Bona Naturale is the first product in the industry that ensures great coverage and long-lasting power with just two layers that are easy to maintain and keep in perfect condition by the client. The ultimate beauty and functionality of the finish is easily achieved with the help of high-quality Bona floor maintenance products.

Constantly Improving

Despite the fact that Bona’s products are already offering premium quality, the brand is never getting tired of keeping up with new trends and innovations and actually setting them in the industry. As an experienced leader in the field, the brand is investing time and resources in creating innovative products and constantly updating their product range with new products dedicated to restoration, improvement, and maintenance of wooden floors. It is the way the company strives to constantly meet customers’ expectations and often exceed them. Using the synergy of Bona’s products, you can ensure all-inclusive care and renovation for your wooden floor by using the brand’s products for every step of the process, from tools and equipment, through finishes and sealants, to cleaning and maintenance products. In order to be able to utilize better and more advanced ways of designing even better products and delivering them to all clients, Bona has a number of Reference Teams, operating in Germany, Sweden, and the USA, consisting of experienced and knowledgeable researchers, distributors, contractors, and other professionals.

The Eco-friendly Choice

Leadership always means responsibility, therefore Bona is taking full responsibility of not only satisfying all requirements and needs of the clients, but also ensuring a more sustainable, conscious, and eco-friendly choice through a range of innovative products that are designed with nature and its well-being in mind. Engaged in current environmental issues and always ready to discuss the topic and offer sustainable alternatives, Bona is strongly involved in the mission to deliver great quality of products and environmentally friendly solutions at the same time. Pioneering the industry as the designer of waterborne finishes, such as the Bona Mega, Bona Traffic, and Bona Novia ranges, that offer an eco-friendly solution while still ensuring premium performance, the company is taking all responsibilities an always striving to find new and effective ways of offering more sustainable and conscious alternatives.

On Track for Sustainability

The company is involved in many initiatives for reducing the carbon footprint and ensuring more sustainable, conscious, and eco-friendly alternatives with no compromise of product quality and efficiency. “On Track for Sustainability” is just one of the many steps taken towards a better work for the environment and this concept reflect Bona’s environmental work for the craftsman, specifier, and every owner of a wooden floor.

History of Dedication

Bona is a leader in the design and development of wood floor finishing products and this title comes with a set of responsibilities the brand is always taking. However, good is just not good enough, therefore Bona is operating and approaching every new concept, with a long-term commitment to innovation and improvement, with dedication and respect to all clients. Since the establishment of the brand in 1919 as a family-owned business, Bona is striving to guarantee the best performance through every step of a wood floor renovation and maintenance process, and functionality, effectivity, and effortlessness to every person involved in the process.