Junckers – High Quality Solid Wood and Engineered Wood Flooring

Junckers LogoIn order to become a nationwide leader in manufacturing high-quality solid wood and engineered wood flooring materials is something that takes time, dedication, definitely commitment to success. This is the main secret behind the success of flooring brands such as Junckers, but it is not really a secret we reveal to you today. Junckers is a wood flooring company, manufacturer, and supplier of high-quality products and materials that have built up the business success on the solid base of hard work, experience, expertise, respect to clients and their needs. The whole product range of the company is internationally acclaimed not just because of the great appearance and design that keep up with current trends while remaining classic and beautiful no matter the time and fashion. Junckers’ product range of wood floors is also recognised for its high quality, reliability, durability. In fact, the company’s wooden floors are often considered to be the epitome of craftsmanship and attention to details in the flooring industry. As a result, clients can benefit from high-quality wooden floors that can last for almost half a century and still look amazing and be in ideal condition.

Thanks to a wide range of real wood floor products that easily meet the strictest and highest standards for beauty and quality, Junckers’ range of products is a dream come true for many interior designers and homeowners, who desire to own unique, attractive, eye-catching floors. Wooden floors that can be the focal point of every room and space, with the company’s product line you can get exactly what you are looking for, be creative and brave in your interior design choices. Besides the amazing appearance and long-lasting durability, Junckers’ floors also, allow the flexibility and freedom of being installed over almost any sort of surface and subfloor.

Whether you will have your wooden floor installed with the help of nails, screws, or adhesive, or you will choose a floating installation, or maybe your desire is having the floor installed over an underfloor heating system, there is no place for worries, because the manufacturer has taken care of all details. You can have the real wood floor of your dreams fitted anywhere in the house or your workplace, there is an option for all sorts of subfloors and environments to choose.

Designing and improving wooden floors for the last 70 years, Junckers is a company with deeply-rooted traditions in manufacturing one of the best and most valuable features of every home. There is no doubt that in order to be able to keep up with flooring trends and create high-quality products people trust and value, the company is always relying on the professional approach toward every step of the creation process. Junckers creates floors that are beautiful and convenient not only in the first couple of years of their installation but for the time to come. Therefore, Junckers’ floors bear all the hallmarks of professionalism, attention to details, craftsmanship. The company believes this is the best way to meet clients’ demands and requirements and ensure every owner of a Junckers’ wood floor is happy and satisfied.