Loba’s Wood Floor Finishes – Designed to Make You Happy

Loba LogoFor almost a whole century Loba is dedicated to designing and creating wood floor finishing products that make real wood floors happy and their owners too. For all those years of establishing the best practices of designing and producing high –quality wood floor finishes, the company has invested a lot of time, experience, and knowledge into creating products that ensure the best long-lasting and hard-wearing protection for real wood floors.

Many decades of gaining valuable experience and collecting valuable knowledge for wood floor finishing and maintenance products led to nowadays when almost a whole century after its establishment, Loba is one of the leading companies in the industry worldwide. However, the success of the company and its products ranges is not something that stops Loba from further developing and improving. It is a subject of constant effort to create a better and better quality of products and keeping up with current demands, trends, and innovations, so Loba can offer a great solution to every project and meet everyone’s needs and desires along with the highest standards in this field.

Loba is your reliable partner for wood floor finishing and maintenance. The company is represented in 60 countries, with its own branches in some of them and reliable partners in others. All products manufactured by Loba are still produced in the company’s home country, Germany, where traditions in technology and high standards are strictly followed, advanced techniques of manufacture are always applied, and all products bear the hallmarks of Loba’s craftsmanship, expertise, professionalism.

Loba’s products are widely recognized for the amazing quality, hard-wearing and long-lasting power, durability. The company’s finishing products are a great solution to any wood floor refinishing project and will achieve the results you are hoping for – amazing appearance and premium quality condition for your floor that lasts for decades.

Loba is a leader in the technology of environmentally friendly, water-based wood floor finishing system and the business puts a great emphasis not only on quality and satisfying clients’ needs and requirements but also on being able to offer an eco-friendly and more sustainable alternative without compromising with quality.